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Borderline - Mary Storms


Mary Storms expresses her artistic vision through abstract mixed-media landscapes. As a self-taught artist, with a degree in biology, Mary is intrigued and inspired by the natural environment. Her intent is to provide the viewer with a sense of the symbiotic relationship between primeval elements - stone, soil, water and sky - and the life these elements nurture.

Mary’s canvases are noted for their rich textures and intense color, from bold and vibrant to quiet and subdued. In addition to acrylic paint, she uses sculpting paste, along with layers of torn or cut handmade paper and recycled magazine paper. To add additional depth, portions of some layers are scrubbed or scraped off. Paint is applied with brushes, palette knives and her hands.

Mary’s award-winning work has been exhibited in multiple venues throughout North Carolina and is included in many local, national, and international private collections. She is currently represented by Gallery444 in San Francisco, CA and the Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC. In addition to these two galleries, select pieces can also be viewed by appointment at her home studio in downtown Raleigh. All of her work can be viewed on her website.

This exhibit will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.


Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild

This exhibit coincides with the Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America's biennial conference in Richmond, VA. The Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild will showcase their blacksmithing art and skills. CVBG encourages and facilitates the establishment of training programs for aspiring smiths; to disseminate information about sources of material and equipment; to expose the art of blacksmithing to the public; to serve as a center of information about blacksmithing for architects, interior designers, other interested groups and the general public. CVBG holds monthly meetings where anyone interested in blacksmithing may attend. See for more.

This exhibit will be in the Skylight Gallery.

Life in Metal - by James Wilson

This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, East.

"I have been working with photography for the last 40 years. After many years of working with film, most of my photos and negatives were lost in a flood. So I have now gone digital and it has been quite a learning curve. Digital editing is a blessing but capturing the moment is a new challenge.

I have done the traditional prints and also liked some results done on canvas. For this show however, I have opted to do it solely on metal. I like the way the metal process allows colors to look richer and jump off the surface. For black and white, it can add that extra sparkle. And, in certain cases, even make the picture seem more antique.

'Life in Metal' is making use of the richness of the metal print to show off everyday life. I feel that instead of giving the print a moment in time, the medium adds life back into the print, bringing that past moment into the present." - James Wilson

Color Pop RVA - by Perry Matthews

Urban setting. Local architecture. Vibrant color. Color Pop RVA is an exhibition that takes the elements of photographic composition and pushes color onto a local urban landscape transforming the work into architectural abstractions. RVA has emerged as a vibrant, creative city packed with a variety of flavor and experiences. Color Pop RVA brings this vibrancy to Art Works through a series of digital images on canvas with a decidedly local flair.

"Richmond has provided me with a fascinating abundance of subject matter as I have developed as a photographer and artist. Creating an exhibit that captures my love and admiration of the city and having the opportunity to show the work in the heart of her urban landscape conveys an extra special appeal for me. " - Matthews

Perry first began experimenting with color and architectural abstraction while driving along 9th Street in the city and admiring the sun and clouds reflecting off of the high-rise buildings. She was compelled to return the next day to photograph the images. Her work has continued to evolve over the years to include a passion for color and a painterly, abstract style.

This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, West.



Lew Lott's Photographed images are laced together to show the motion, emotion, gravity, flight, conformity, discourse, beauty and pain of Dance. He is strongly influenced by the following Francis Bacon personal directive: "I want a very ordered image, but I want it to come by chance.". Lew's work has received many awards in the Richmond area. This exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery.



Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. There is no theme. COLIN FERGUSON juried this month's show. Submissions were accepted from any artist and any medium.



1st Place All Media Show:

All Eyes on Me by Ajibade Awoyemi, 36 x 48" Acrylic on Canvas, $2,000




2nd Place All Media Show:

Allison by Lew Lott, 22" x 32" Layered Photography, $400





3rd Place All Media Show:

Forest Nymph by Matt Anderson, 20" x 10" Epoxy, Clay, Resin, Vinyl, $2,500



Click here for a PDF catalog of the entire exhibit



All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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