ART WORKS, Inc. June 2004 Art Shows

June 2004 All Media Show

juried by Christaphora Robeers, Artist and Teacher

June 25 - July 15 2004


"Mother and Child" by Anne Kushnick

Image not available

"Dripping" by Richard Gordon Zyne

"Snowbound" by Dorothy Ellis

"Kudzu" by Laura E. Allen


Abstract Impressions of Universal Symbols All Media
Dallas Mosman in the Centre Gallery.
June 25 - July 15 2004

Dallas Mosman lives in Richmond, Virginia. She grew up in southern New Jersey and lived in both North Carolina and Colorado. Her paintings reflect the depth and variety of her many layered interests. In her varied academic pursuits she earned degrees in Law, Urban Affairs and Psychology, and yet, she made time for art studio classes, color theory and design as well as art history.

She believes much of her art education has come through travel. Inspired with the love of architecture and art she has traveled throughout central Mexico and the American southwest and extensively throughout Europe, visiting the major museums and taking time for those special out of the way gems. Impressions of universal symbols from ancient cultures, as well as classic and medieval architecture are inspiration for her abstract, textural acrylic paintings.

The iconic images reflect her concentrated study, which has made these elements her symbols. By engaging yourself in her work you too may take a unique journey. It may be a stroll through the Marais district in Paris, with the identifying pilasters, turrets, and iron gateways. Or perhaps you will see the shadows of ancient ruins in Rome, glimpse an arch of a Florentine cathedral or a fortified town in northern Italy and southern France. Rich, many layered textures and earthy colors come from the ancient world by way of Europe in aging frescoes and worn, stone walls. From the American southwest and Mexico in the patina of adobe and stone structures.

Living Statuary

"Mixed-Up-Media", Sculpture & Mostly Metal Clocks by Shelia Gray in the Skylight Gallery

June 25 - July 15 2004


Shelia Gray holds a BFA from VA Commonwealth University concentrating in the media of metal and glass. After exhibiting paper and metal sculptures nationally for the past 10 years, she now makes unusual metal clocks. She creates an interesting way to see time by anchoring the 4, 8, and 12 (as opposed to the 3, 6, 9 and 12), creating a different standard visual for time telling. Created of unpolished, unsealed metal, the clocks allow the demonstration of the passage of time by their ever-changing patina -- a copper patina may become greener or even pick up blues; a shiny aluminum will mellow over time or can be made to blacken . A subtle 3rd dimension is added to the design by creating visible layers with different colored or textured materials.
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