ART WORKS, Inc. August 2004 Art Show

The Art Works Gallery Members
present an annual member's show in August of each year.
Here are of the entries in the show.
The 2003-2004 All Media Gallery Members who presented and facilitated this show are: :

Cynthia Losen * Diane Clement * Kay Shuster * Carmen Bendersky * Anne Kushnick * Hugh Townsend Harris * Yvonne Humphries * Jennings Sheffield Paris * Virginia Godfrey * Dorothy Ellis * Judy Fechino * Christopher Semtner * Helene Wagner * Robert Winne * Matt Bass * Glenda Kotchich * Cheryl Clayton * Henry Clay Sexton * Terry Smith * Mary Montague Sikes * Renee DeChristohper * Marta Downs * Linda Wetmore * Garry-Lou Upton * Phoebe Antrim * Mary Martin * Michael Keeling * Tom Graves * John Balasa * Morgan McKinney * Melody Gulick * Dean Walton * Marti Fann

Portraits and Music at the Show * And the Art!

Cynthia Losen "Big Kitty" Mixed $300


Diane Clement "Autumn Scents" Acrylic $2,000

Kay Shuster "Cat Pilates Instructor"

Plaster $300

Carmen Bendersky

"The Pink House on Chalmer St. Charleston, NC" $800 Oil on Canvas

Anne Kushnick "Dracia" Colored Pencil $350

Hugh T. Harris "Beached Relic" Acrylic $600

Yvonne Humphries "Tides Out" Photography $100

H. Jennings Sheffield "Paris, 2004" Mixed Media $275

Dorothy Ellis "Syncopated Rhythm" Acrylic $400


Virginia Godfrey "London-Sundown" Oil $750

Judy Fechino "Italian Sunshine" $450

Awarded the People's Choice


Christopher Semtner "Passage" Acrylic $300


Helene Wagner "Giraffe in Shadow" Photography $275

Robert Winne "Ethereal Concrete" Acrylic $975

Matt Bass "Remote Salt" Oil on Canvas $500

Glenda Kotchich "In Bloom" oil pastel $125

Cheryl Clayton

"Faith Leapers at the Jubilee" oil $350

Henry Clay Sexton "Robinson House" oil paints $3,100

Terry Smith "Hope and Despair" pastel $900


Mary Montague Sikes "Street Dance" watercolor/mixed $350

Renee DeChristopher Genesis-Part 1 mixed $395

Marta Downs "Abstraction:Sunrise" mixed $450

Linda Wetmore "The World Goes Round" watercolor $500

Garry-Lou Upton "Slip Sliding Away" Watercolor $450

Phoebe Antrim "Sezanne's Mountain" Watercolor $480

Mary Martin "Spring Blossoms" Watercolor $150

Michael Keeling Temporary Sanity Mixed $4,000

Tom Graves "200 West Franklin" Photograph $150

John Balasa "The Rise and Fall" Oil on Canvas $4,500


Melody Gulick "Untitled" Oil $200

Morgan McKinney "Yellow Ribbon" Watercolor $275

Dean Walton

"A Blurry Night" Pendant-Enameled Copper $150

"Badgen Broach" $150

Marti Fann "The Blood of our Ancestors" Mixed $395

All images are the property of the Artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images. Art Works, Inc. cannot authorize use of any images but may be able to provide your name and contact information to the artists.



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