Showing through Jan 22nd, 2017





Corrugation; Constructivism Revisited by Binford Harrell - This exhibit will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery. Binford Harrell assembles and arranges corrugated board that is torn and pealed in some areas to reveal the corrugation and residual paper remaining.

"Inspiration is derived from many sources. Emotion, visual stimuli and social order or disorder.

Over the years, I developed an appreciation of all art forms, from the early masters to modern art and the creators of it. With a deep appreciation of the impressionist movement, their use of color and brush strokes, the energy and excitement created is truly an inspiration, and as such, I strive ao accomplish this in my own work.

Recenty I have been working with corrugated board, cutting and tearing shapes to reveal the corrugation and create texture. I arrange the pieces, inviting the viewer into a space of speculation. I rely on the color to shape our desires for beauty, poetics and seduction. I find this medium quite exciting as I control the accidental happenings of each piece.

I hope viewing my work, has brought some joy and appreciation of the beauty around us." -Binford Harrell





Cuban Chrome by Joseph Ring - This exhibit will be in the Skylight Gallery.

"Being a working photographer in the early 1970’s led to the artistic interest that I have in digital photography today. I am a strong believer that you don’t just “take a picture” but that you use innovation and creativity to produce photographic art.

In early January I traveled to Cuba with a small diverse group that was led by two well respected National Geographic photographers, Robert Holmes and Christopher Baker.
We stayed 7 days in Havana and three days in the small town of Trinidad where our accommodations were with Cuban families in a B&B environment.
Photographing the architecture and the people gave me a wonderful collection of memories and insights but it was the 1950’s cars that evoked a “time stopped” feeling which inspired my “Cuban Chrome” exhibit." - Joseph Ring

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Recent Works by Sandra Moran - This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery.

"I have always drawn, doodled painted and worked in the art world . Twelve years ago, when I found myself, once again at a crossroads of self re-invention I choose the road of watercolor. Watercolor, with it’s grand, controlled fluid energy is perfect for me. I consider myself a Modern Impressionist as my technique and aesthetic are impressionistic but my eye is drawn to more modern subject matter. Currently I am drawn to Infrastructure. Art is a combination of skill , technique discipline, creativity and a fearlessness to do what you believe in. thank you for supporting Richmond Artists." - Sandra Moran

Vanishing America Legacy Art by William A. Youngblood - This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery

"Bill Youngblood was a visual poet. His timeless paintings awaken musings on life and death in man's natural and material world. Watercolors convey rivers, workboats, fields, wildflowers, trees, and sagging buildings.

Bill died in 2009 at age 94 and left a legacy of hundreds of paintings. ; only a few can be shown here. Many will appreciate his gentle spirit, lovers of nature and those who look with dismay on the disappearing rural scene. One can only look at these works wishing to own paintings of such calmness and peace.

William A. Youngblood was born near Knoxville, Tennessee in 1915 and died in Powhatan County, Virginia. During the depression Bill was in the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, working on the Great Smoky Mountains national park, first as a laborer, then a sketch artist and an architectural draftsman. He came to Richmond with the National Park service

During World War II he was drafted into the Army Air Corps, serving in the Pacific theater. In 1944 he was an artilleryman in the horrendous Battle of Okinawa. While there he made many pencil and color sketches of Okinawa scenes and his fellow servicemen. After the war he returned home to his wife Evelyn in Richmond. He was employed in commercial art and advertising working as art director for Southern States Cooperative.

In the seventies he left commercial art and advertising and pursued painting full time at his studio in Powhatan. He was a charter member of the James River Art league. His works were accepted in many regional and national art competitions and won awards too numerous to name. Also his works are in private and corporate collections throughout the eastern United States. "

Art Will Save the World by Gigi Brothers - A chronological exhibit of the art and life of Gigi Andersen Brothers. Starting with some of her early work growing up in New York all the way to her final project done here in Church Hill. This collection of work gives us another chance to view of the strange and complicated world we live in through Gigi's eyes. This exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery.


Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. Vincenzo Lupinetti will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on November 18th, and 19th, 2016 from 12pm - 6pm at Art Works. Artwork is on display through January 22, 2017.

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Honorable Mention All-Media Show:
"Professor Nigel Buckminster, NYU" by Marybeth Eilerson,
24x30 Acrylic on Canvas, $3,250


All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Binford Harrell

Joseph Ring

Sandra Moran

William A. Youngblood

Gigi Brothers

1st Place All-Media Show: A Mother's Love by Shantell Lewis24x36 Collage, $800

Place All-Media Show: Charles Searles Dancers II by Shantell Lewis 24x36 Collage, $700

2nd Place All-Media Show: "Growth" by Sarah Boggs, 18x16 Encaustic and Mixed Media, $150

3rd Place All-Media Show: "Madonna" by Kelly Johnston, 24x15 Mixed Media, $400

Photo Award All-Media Show: "And Her Trousseau was Spectacular!" by Libby Clark, 16x20 Photography, $199




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