Photography by Louis Draper

Join us on July 24th, 7-10 p.m. for the FOURTH FRIDAY art show and reception featuring Photographer Louis Draper and other new exhibits. The event is free and open to the public.


EYE OF THE ARTIST by Louis Draper

You may have seen some of Louis Draper’s photography at the VMFA in the museums permanent collection. Draper was a 20th century photographer, educator, and cultural groundbreaker. He was born in 1935 in Richmond, VA and attended Virginia State College (now University) where he discovered his passion for photography. His work took him around the world. He devoted his life to the art of photography and to the belief of Civil Rights. His younger sister and her associate Cheryl Pelt, along with other Richmond, Virginia arts entities, have been working to recover the work and life-story of the late Louis Draper. He passed away in 2002. We are pleased and honored to have this exhibit in the Jane Sandelin Gallery at Art Works. All photographs are courtesy of Mrs. Nell Draper Winston.


Ralf displays bronze sculptures and mixed-media works on paper this month in the Skylight Gallery.

"Ralf ‘s experience working as a metal finisher and welder at some major bronze art foundries around the NYC area gave him access to Bronze scraps that helped him create some fun works of his own. That was 20+ years ago. After moving to Richmond area and raising a family, he does art works on paper with paint, ink and color pencil.

Born in Bremerhaven, Germany to German parents. Childhood on Long Island NY, USA. Switched majors at State University at Stony Brook from chemistry to art. Worked at Fine Art Bronze Sculpture Foundries for 10 years, while also creating and publishing independent mini-comix and participating in international Mail-Art as “Aardvark Farms”. Returning to creating art after starting a family.

To me, abstract art is raw and unfiltered. But throughout my career, whenever I attempted it, it gravitated towards a landscape feel. It has been completely unintended, but it took me awhile to realize this and now I “give in” to it. My other media has not been as prominent in the past decade or so. Namely the Comix and the Mail-art / Collage. I prefer to work on multiple works at a time. "

BYTES AND PIECES by Emma Lou Martin

"Though my many interests ranging from art history to current events, travel, and to mans’ achievements are usual subjects of much of my art, my love of the natural world dominates as a focus. Here, in this series I have departed not only from the painting media and have focused on collage construction using computer pieces, combining them with other collected objects. These include antique keys, watch parts and even relics dug from a Civil War battle ground as well as junk found in the streets of Richmond! Recycling at its best! My focus is on technique, composition, texture, color, and the surprising beauty found within this electronic age…My personal struggle to join the 21st century while continuing my love affair with collage!" Emma Lou's Exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, West.


Johanna is an award-winning photographer. This exhibit will be in the Centre Gallery, East.


LaMerle is a painter who is inspired by Monet and has studied under many prominent artists. Her exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery.


Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. DIEGO SANCHEZ will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on July 17th and 18th, 2015 from 12pm - 6pm at Art Works.


About the Juror, Diego Sanchez:

Diego Sanchez is an artist and educator currently in Richmond, VA.

"Initially, my approach to painting is purely intuitive. After priming the surface of my panels, I take over the surface applying large areas of colors and developing interesting surfaces. This part of the process is tremendously enjoyable to me. I often wonder how making a painting resembles an act of faith. Not having preconceived notions of where the work will take me or what the painting will look like in the end. After I have a surface that I like, (or one that I truly despised) I precede to paint a single representational element. In this series I decided to work with water towers. I enjoy their shape and their function.

For the past eight years my approach to my work reflects my love for the act of painting, for the process itself rather that the final product. Painting to me is about process, whether you are developing a surface, mixing the right color or figuring out a different way to approach a problem. Painting to me is a fluid activity that changes as I change. Painting requires discipline and time. Developing a painting to me is an activity that can be frustrating, rewarding and humbling"

Click here to view or print a PDF catalog.

See our Call For Entries page to learn more about entering this show.

All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Photography by Louis Draper

Ralf Schulze

Emma Lou Martin

Johanna Stoneking

LaMerle Deca

1st Place All-Media Show: Rolling In by Sheila Holland, 37"x48", Mixed Media, $900

1st Place All-Media Show: The Wave by Sheila Holland, 36"x48", Mixed Media, $900

2nd Place All-Media Show: Seeking by Melanie Kluender, 13 "x 23", Mixed Media & Stitching, $245

3rd Place All-Media Show: Face with Dots by Jacob Harkins, 4'x3', Acrylic, $4,000

Honorable Mention All-Media Show: Harpers Ferry by Jeanne Minnix, 24"
x24", Oil and Cold Wax, $1,495

Honorable Mention All-Media Show: Beautiful Vase of Flowers by Jerrell Dean Wright, Jr. 11"x12", Mixed Media, $30

Honorable Mention All-Media Show: They Only Come Out at Night by Skibo Adams. 20"x17", Photography, $150



July '15