Exhibits run through April 19th, 2015.


Vinnie Gonzalez displays his large-scale abstract paintings in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.

"I have been inspired by pointillism for years and found myself controlling paint in bottles by placing the paint where I wanted it. One day, I decided to let the paint find it’s own place to live. I found myself less worried about mistakes and more explosive with the paint. With this feeling of explosive creativity I have decided to work on larger paintings using metallic paints to express myself and my feelings.

My broad spectrum of work includes paintings, pen and ink sketches, and photography. The subjects of my photographs have always been one with their environment, captured as they are in their unrefined beauty." -Vinnie Gonzalez

EINN: STYKKI AF SOYA by Deshia Williams

Deshia displays her mixed-media paintings in the Skylight Gallery.

Art is a relatively new part of my life. I suffered a spinal cord/brain injury in February 2010 which changed the way my brain visualizes and interprets the world. A little over a year after the injury I started sketching sculptures and writing down ideas for art pieces, not knowing why or what I would do with them. I was not an artist prior to the accident. Around that time the Picasso exhibit came to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and I went and checked out the show. The Picasso piece “the Violin” was what inspired me to start making art. Then I was walking in the woods one day and I saw the way the light was coming through the trees and hitting a fallen log and it all just clicked. I was going to make light installations and I applied light to all of my sketched sculptures and ideas.

I have been working on my first light installation named Soya for over 2 years now. I’m hoping to have it completed sometime next year. My current medium for this installation is acrylic on fluorescent light panels. For my first solo show “Einn: Stykki af Soya” opening March 27, 2015 at Art Works, I will have 2 sections of the installation on display. This piece is meant to be an exploration of light and a visual experience. I like to think of myself as a light exhibitionist; taking something that looks different in a variety of lights and exploring and manipulating what each panel does individually and collectively. This piece has been the catalyst for my new found love and passion of creating art. I am very fortunate to be alive and to have an opportunity to share my passion and vision with others. You don’t have to like my art but you are more than welcome to love it.
- Deshia Willaims


Artists collaborate using photography, drawings, sculpture and film to capture and document the movements of the RVA Dance Collective annual performance. The dancers will perform a portion of their annual show - under the direction of Jess Burgess and Danica Kalemdarogu. The exhibit will be in the Corner Gallery and the performance will be in the Jane Sandelin Gallery.


Semtner will display his masterful acrylic paintings in the Centre Gallery, East.

"Chris Semtner is an artist, author, and curator living in Virginia. In the past year, his paintings have recently been exhibited at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and Viktor Wynd Fine Art in London. His works have entered many public and private collections including those of the University of Maryland and the Poe House Museum of Baltimore. His illustrations have been published in Cat Fancy, Fantasia, and elsewhere while his photography has appeared in The Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, and many other publications. Semtner has served as author, co-author, or editor of eight books on Edgar Allan Poe and recently appeared in the BBC 4 documentary Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death, and Women and the Military Channel program History: Facts and Fiction. He has curated museum exhibits on Poe in the comics, Poe’s mysterious death, the real women behind Poe’s poetry, and Poe’s influence on French writers and visual artists. The New York Times called the exhibit he curated for the Library of Virginia, Poe: Man, Myth, or Monster, “provocative” and “a playful, robust exhibit.” Semtner has lectured throughout the United States on subjects including nineteenth century literature, visual art, and the paranormal; and he has been a guest lecturer at both the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. He lives with his wife Tara and five rescue cats in the village of Bon Air, Virginia."

BLUE, GREEN, AQUA by Linda Reynolds

This show will be displayed in the Centre Gallery, West.


Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. AMIE OLIVER will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on March 20th and 21st, 2015.


About the Juror AMIE OLIVER:

"In my work I strive to create a quality of resonance and form that skirts with tradition and its illusion of permanence. Primary to this aesthetic is an experimentation with media and the power of symbols, objects and the vocabulary of human form. What interests me is the dialogue that results from using universal forms to make art that embraces conflict, revision, passion, reason, beauty and discovery.

Amie Oliver teaches painting, drawing and mixed media for the MIS Degree of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts and is a lecturer studio practitioner for John Tyler Community College in Richmond, Virginia. She offers art workshops and short courses for adults and teens at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and other non-profit art centers. She is also offers private studio consultations for students and artists of every level. Her years teaching in higher education include institutions such as Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Mississippi State University and Longwood University." Amie Oliver's Website

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All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Vinnie Gonzalez 4'x8' painting (detail)

Box of Light by Deshia Williams

Jumper by Lew Lott for LET'S DANCE, TOO

Wall, Painting by Chris Semtner

1st Place All-Media Show: San Miguel by Jeanne Minnix, 12x12 Cold Wax Mixed Media, $695

Guana Juato by Jeanne Minnix, 6x6 Cold Wax, Mixed Media, $395

2nd Place: Beach Dreams 2 by Sue Jachimiec, 30x40 Oil and Wax, $1650

Untitled by Sue Jachimiec, 24x30 Mixed Media, $1050

3rd Place: A Drop in Time by Jennifer Fitzpatrick, 15x16 Digital Photography, $125

The Standoff by Jennifer Fitzpatrick, 11x22 Digital Photography, $125

Honorable Mention: Our Washington Monument by Lew Lott, 30x20 Photography, $250

Honorable Mention: The Plankville Kid by Richard Becker, 24x30 Acrylic, $1200

Honorable Mention: The Artful Dodger by Tobin Karlcher, 22x28 Graphite, $1900

The Constable by Tobin Karlcher, 22x28 Graphite, $1900



March '15