LET'S DANCE Jane Sandelin Gallery. Painters, sculptors, photographers and illustrators assembled at Dogtown Dance Theatre in January and February of this year. The reason - to capture rehearsing dancers on paper and other mediums. The end product of these sessions will be exhibited at Art Works February 28th Fourth-Friday opening where rva dance collective will perform the production of many months of rehearsals in a gallery surrounded by artworks of themselves. Jessie Boyland, Assistant Director of Art Works curated this exhibit.

Will Hicks David Parrish


THIS PLACE I LIVE by Libby Clark Libby Clark was born in Washington D.C. but was raised in rural Fairfax County, Virginia and consequently appreciates both city and country environments. She currently lives in western Goochland Virginia and much of her fine art photography reflects this area. Libby Clark will exhibit her photography in the Centre Gallery, East. You can see more of her work on her web site: www.libbyclarkphotography.com.

TRANSITION by Anne B. Burnley Centre Gallery.
The Digital, Emulsion Transfer and Painted Images.

"The “New Merriam-Webster Dictionary” defines “transition” as “the passage from one state, place, stage or subject to another”.

In the exhibit “Transition”, I present a suite of images inspired from my life experiences. Authenticity is the foundation for the content of my images. I invite viewers to examine stages of my fine art career as I transition from subject matter, media and materials to convey my point of view.

I want viewers to witness the range of my visual pursuits. The anxiety, pause and creative hurdle that I experience as I transform an idea to an image is enormous. I want viewers to know that I will follow the passage that an artist must take to produce images.

I employ different media, techniques and styles to convey my point of view. I consider the process which will exemplify the impact of each image. Next, I decide if emulsion transfer processes, collage techniques, pastels and both watercolor and acrylic paints will compliment and complete the idea.

The sources for my works of art may come from travels, my career in the Virginia Army National Guard or from moments with family and friends. I contemplate an image and begin the process of finding materials that will enable me to explore, experiment with, and eventually breathe life into an image.

After staring into the abyss of a particular surface and accepting the challenge of image making, I begin to transform the surface. I continue to find the creative passage, process and image-making transition exhilarating, intoxicating and a joy!"


I AND WALLS ABOUND by Janneke Kotte and Brian Gearing This two-month installation in the Corner Gallery of Art Works will include a collection of Janneke Kotte's distinctive photographic works celebrating the individual in the context of the masses, as well as a variety of screen printed and digital works from Brian Gearing's extensive collection of promotional and commemorative concert posters, art prints and other assorted minutiae from years of art collecting and music fandom. Corner Gallery.

HOMAGE TO AFRICAN-AMERICAN GREATS THROUGH VISUAL ARTS Curated by Tiffany Floyd. Art students at James H. Blackwell Elementary created works of art inspired by African-American artists and figures in history. Skylight Gallery

FEBRUARY ALL MEDIA SHOW Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. JOSH GEORGE will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on Feb. 21st and 22nd at Art Works. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Juror JOSH GEORGE:

"Josh George has had numerous one-man exhibitions in New York (Tria, The Suchman-Bart-Metheny Gallery), Kansas City (Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art), Brooklyn (Garage Gallery) and Italy (Entroterra, Milan) and been included in many group shows. He has taught painting at Pratt Institute of Art and the Illustration Academy and is currently the Studio Lead at TAD (The Art Department) in Richmond VA. George has also guest lectured at Accademia di’ Arte di Brescia, and Syracuse University’ s MFA in Painting Program."



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All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Lew Lott

Morning Snow Photography by Libby Clark

Painting by Anne Burnley

Photography by Janneke Kotte

Descia, Kindergarten
Torn Paper Art Inspired by Alma Thomas

1st Place: Lobster Man with Pet Bird by Titus Marques, 36x37 Mixed Media $300

2nd Place: Denied by Mimi Mosher, 47x37 Acrylic, $500

3rd Place: #6 Buckhead by Angela Rienerth, 11.5x9.5 Mixed Media, $150

Photography Award: A Walk While Snowing by Bruce Brelsford, 20x16 $225

Honorable Mention: Emmeritus by Glenda Creamer, 16.5x20.5 Watercolor $150



Feb. '14