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EXPLORATION OF THE HUMEN BODY by Rainer Lagemann and INSPIRED by AnaMarie Paredes

Jane Sandelin Gallery. These two magnificent metal artists will share the Jane Sandelin Gallery this month.

Lagemann takes metal squares and sculpts them together into graceful and seemingly delicate, yet strong human forms. These sculptures will be mounted on the walls of the Jane Sandelin gallery at Art Works where the lighting will produce yet another, complimentary image of each piece of artwork. Lagemann, born and educated in Germany, has lived in South America, San Francisco and now resides in Miami Florida. He brings to Art Works Gallery an exquisite and moving show.

"Paredes was initially attracted to sculpture welding after learning her great uncle, Jose Luis Moguer, was a note worthy sculpture artist in Seville, Spain. AnaMarie is from the McLean, Virginia area. She enjoys the challenge of taking a material that is typically thought of as commercial and industrial and turning it into something delicate, intricate and beautiful. She is attracted to organic textures and colors and is inspired by strong linear and repetitive shapes. She finds beauty in the rough edges and textures that welding can create and will often emphasize them as focal points in her pieces. She uses these techniques to further develop detail and interest in the overall composition. Her love of modern architecture and design also greatly influence her work and drive her to develop the larger pieces she is best known for."

click here for images from the show.

MAKING FACES by Ben Yolton Centre Gallery West. Yolton brings us Paintings, Sculptures, and a combination of the two. These abstract works all contain a face, sometimes obvious, sometimes not.

"Ben Yolton graduated in 2001 with an illustration degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. He works mainly with acrylic and different types of clay but has been known to use whatever he can get his hands on. His work has been influences alternately by the cubist, surrealist, and impressionist movements, as well as a childhood misspent reading '70's science fiction novels. Ben lives and works in Richmond, VA."

UNSCENES by Chris Semtner Centre Gallery East.

Chris Semtner is an internationally exhibited artist, author, and curator. The New York Times called the exhibit he curated, Poe: Man, Myth, or Monster, “provocative” and “a playful, robust exhibit.” His photography has appeared in The Washington Post, the London Daily Telegraph, and other newspapers and magazines around the world. He has appeared a number of times on broadcast media in the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand and was recently featured in the B.B.C. documentary Edgar Allan Poe: Love, Death, and Women. He is regularly interviewed for a variety of print and broadcast media on subjects as diverse as visual art, literature, and the paranormal. He has served as author, co-author, or editor of seven books on Edgar Allan Poe. His paintings have entered public collections including those of the City of Baltimore and the University of Maryland. Semtner currently resides in Bon Air, Virginia.

RIVER CITY REVIEW by Tim Wilson and David Parrish Corner Gallery.

Tim Wilson: "I bought my first dslr back in 2003, and from that point on I have been out shooting every chance I get, Never having taken any formal photography classes, mine has gone the route of self-learning about photography and the rules of composition & looking at other photographers images that I like, to determine what it is about the image that I like, and incorporate my findings into my own offerings. I hope I have succeeded A native of Virginia, I grew up just outside of Richmond and currently work for the state as a computer technician."

"Dave Parrish is a local Richmond photographer whose true love is nature and landscape photography but who also loves to create photographic art no matter what the subject may be. He studied under Carlie Collier at John Tyler Community College and has spent endless hours learning whilie photographing all around the area and is an avid storm chaser who loves capturing nature at it's rawest level.

RECENT WORK BY JOHN PRICE War themed drawings and select paintings by skilled artist and illustrator, John Price, will be on display this month. His work ranges from hyper-realism to surreal. Skylight Gallery.


JULY ALL MEDIA SHOW Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. Jennifer Glave Kocen and Joanna Gragnani will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on July 15th and 16th. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Jurors:

Jennifer Glave Kocen is co-owner of Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond, VA. Joanna Gragnani is the assistant director.



Click here for a downloadable/printable PDF catalog

Juror Statement:

All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Hanging Sculpture by Rainer Lagemann

Traveler by Ben Yolton. 22" tall, Epoxy Clay, $1300

Lost Evening by Chris Semtner. 11x14 Acrylic , $300

Mayo Bridge by Tim Wilson, Photography

Photograph by David Parrish $3-$75

1st Place All Media Show: Downtown by Gigi Brothers 31x31 Acrylic, $1500

2nd, Place: Portrait of Emily Dickenson by Jodie Butterworth 20x26 Acrylic $395

3rd Place: Lotus Pods by Megan McConnell 20x21 Gouache, $150

Honorable Mention: Rib Rungs by Meredith Lyttle 31" tall Mixed Media, $250

Photography Award: Cosmic Ice by Mark Shively 21x17 Photography, $150