"Photographs are a journey: We scour the towns, the fountains, parks, bell towers, gas stations and meet people, children from far away, women in their daily activities, men reading the newspaper, war torn countries and almost can feel the mood of the subjects, their anxieties, their desires. All of this because of the magic of photography and the attentive eye of the photographer, who in that precise instant makes his/her own the expressive principle and puts together, just with a click, different points of observation of the forms of the world.

Photographs are traces, hints: Graffiti like divine symbols of an uncertain and insecure society, distortion places, skies full with rain and metropolitan abysms in which the individual thinks that multitude is the opposite of solitude. Nowhere else but in a single shot the viewer can find fiction, documentation, possibility of investigation and capacity of synthesis. For this reason photography seems to be the instrument that, more than any other, is able to arrive directly to the heart of emotions and the language that, better than any other, is able to keep pace with contemporaneousness.

Thanks to the images, the glance of the viewer runs further ahead, uncertain between the many possible choices: the allusive power of photography stands out with clear evidence and doesn't leave any doubt, in the game of the line-ups, between connotative and denotative power of the images. Images that multiply, reflect in the water, slip in the area of conceptualism, defy gravity, look like dreams and finally open with emphasis to multiple visual enchantments. - Amalia Pizzardi."


REDISCOVERY OF AN ARTIST THROUGH HER HANDS By Carolyn Gabb. This will be "a unique show of sculpted hands depicting two main categories: 1) hands in a general restful position, and 2) hands in activities which the artist could not do while her hands were in tremor for almost 6 months (caused by a hospital overdose). Activities such as holding a pencil, steadily holding a glass, cup or spoon, taking a picture with a camera, or the simple act of putting in a contact lens. All hands are sculpted from clay. A book, published about the pieces with corresponding story and photos, wil be available for sale. The pieces were created over a two-year period, and finally are ready to share with the public. " Corner Gallery.

PISTILS AND STAMENS by Teresa Armstrong. "I am continually in awe of the delicate and bold intricacies that nature has provided blossoms to attract and facilitate pollination and procreation. The pistils and stamens are the focus of my large floral series. Enough of the blossom’s petals are displayed to be able to identify the flower. When you examine a petal in macro detail, you can find subtle color changes as well the bold vibrant displays that attract the pollinating insects. With these paintings, I hope to inspire us all to look a little closer as we take time to smell the roses."


"Paintings by Theresa L Armstrong are a result of a second career change inspired by Chinese brush work art by Richmond high school students. Formerly a professional dancer and choreographer, then a business career as a financial analyst, Theresa is a self taught artist who works in watercolor and oil mediums of two dimensional art. She primarily works in a “tonalism” technique, the customary technique used during the pre- impressionist period in the tradition of Turner and Inness. This was influenced by several workshops with artist Charles Phillip Brooks of Rocky Mount, NC. As an award winning artist, Theresa’s work has been shown in Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina and Kentucky. Theresa is versatile with a wide variety of subjects. Her landscapes, florals, portraits and still lifes all display a soft blended quality in the uncluttered images. Theresa’s studio adjoins the 1212 Gallery in Richmond, VA. Locally, you can see her work frequently displayed in Art Works, Richmond, VA; The Petersburg Art Council, Petersburg, VA; The Contemporary Art Center ,Virginia Beach, VA; “Arts in the Park”, Byrd Park, Richmond; Neptune Festival, Virginia Beach and at the 1212 Gallery, Richmond, VA." - Armstrong



Painting began for me in 2002.  In that year life threatening illnesses encouraged me to find an outlet for my anger, which in turn led to a paintbrush and college.  Seeking a catharsis for my emotions, I struggled when I could not hold my paintbrush.  Wondering why I initiated this endeavor to paint when I was a novice and in so much pain, I still could not drop the very tool to delineate how I felt.  I painted, I dropped, I painted, I dropped.  I learned to overcome.


My first creations were self-based.  They represented the conflict and struggle of pain while finding the will to live.  My fears and physical imperfections manifested into my art and were titled such as “The Art of Surviving, “which encompassed my loss of breasts and reconstructive surgeries.  This artwork shown yearly is considered haunting yet realistic and has reached the public with wincing surprise.


My vision has changed over the years and as I began to heal, I longed to capture the life of individuals or the essence of humanity, which I entitled “eyes of the soul” as all humans endure life.  In essence, I wanted to paint humans in a surrealistic way, representing the face in an emotional, unique and evoking way, creating a story - a past and a future.  I use the eyes as a tool into the human psyche while arousing painful emotions in my artwork.


It has been my blessing to have created over 400 oil and pastel paintings in my 9 year career.  I continue to use art as therapy and leave it as a mark behind for those that identify with life’s journey.

Centre Gallery West.

NO BOUNDARIES by JP Visser, Marti Fann, Faye Henderson and Judy Harris, members of the Chester Artist’s Association, will exhibit in the Skylight Gallery. "If you are looking to abandon nearly all traditional design rules, and see the nonconformist approach to art then come  view NO Boundaries .  Fay Henderson, Judy Harris, Marti Fann and JP Visser who have put together a art exhibit of similar  style yet used different subject matter to create the Show NO Boundaries."


This is a special show featuring art made from recycled material. Call for Entries for this juried show is April 15th and 16th at Art Works. Work will be on display at Plant Zero Thursday, April 21st through Earth Day: Saturday, April 23rd.

Click here for the RECYCLE SHOW entry form!

MARCH ALL MEDIA SHOW Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. Durwood Domissee will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on April 15th and 16th. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Juror

"Durwood Dommisse has been painting professionally for over 40 years, and the natural landscape has been his recurring and dominant passion throughout his artistic life. While painting primarily in the United States, Durwood has also painted in Canada; Florence, Italy; Tuscany; and in numerous areas of Provence, France. In addition, he has visited England and Holland. He holds the title of Professor Emeritus, Communication Arts and Design Department, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, where he taught for over 27 years.

Residing in Richmond, Virginia, Durwood Dommisse also spends extended summers at his lakeside cabin and studio in northern Wisconsin. Most of his paintings reflect the inspiring and varied beauty of the surrounding natural environment. Often characterized by quiet, serene, atmospheric effects, his paintings and prints frequently include expansive views of water and reflections.
Sensitive use of color and value, skillful use of texture, and expressive handling of deep space are significant attributes of his paintings. Such inherent qualities, along with his dedication and underlying emotion, are some of the reasons that his paintings and prints are so highly valued and extensively collected. Few American painters have pursued the natural landscape as a subject with such intensity and singleness of purpose for so many years.

Click Here to view/download the PDF Catalog


All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.


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Colors of Life

Sculpture by Carolyn Gabb

Magnolia, Painting by Teresa Armstrong

Weeping Willow, Oil Painting by Terry Smith

I see the light by by Janet Visser

1st Place: Te Basterdos and Untitled (Serpant) by Kenan Cross 25x50/ea Mixed Media, $800/ea

2nd Place: 38/1 by AnaMarie Paredes 63x21x16 Metal, $4900

3rd Place: Annabel Lee by Chris Semtner 8x20 Acrylic, $200

Honorable Mention: Adrift and Frozen, Adrift on Pastel Green, and Caught in the Floe by Mark Shively. 17x21/ea Photography $150/ea

Honorable Mention: Autumn by Sally Valentine 30x40 Acrylic $525



April '11