EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE by Destry Sparks "Destry Sparks is a contemporary mixed media painter from Greenville, NC. He attaches worn found objects to burlap by discreet use of industrial adhesives. The objects range from rusted manufactured parts including bottle caps to things from the natural world such as dried leaves. To complete his works, acrylic paint is applied carefully around the objects to create a particularly visceral effect atypical of traditional painting. Inspiration for his art comes from diverse sources including traditional African and Aboriginal craftsmen to contemporary masters Anselm Kiefer and Gregory Amenoff. Titles for his works suggest that despite the abundant evidence of frailty & decay in the world, there is ultimately a hopeful redemption to be found." Jane Sandelin Gallery.

NATURE'S BEAUTY by Tish Underwood Nature's Beauty" is a collection of photographic images that were made during a trip to several of the U.S. National Parks.  As a photographer whose first love is landscape imagery, I was drawn to the sweeping vistas and to sights that are seen by all who visit these parks.  I stepped back from the larger view to examine the intricately detailed beauty that was also present.  The patterns, textures, and colors form natural abstracts.  Seen in close-up views, the sources are obscured leading to the question "What is that?"  To lend context, the show will include both the large and detailed images. Centre Gallery.

RECENT WORK BY JARED T. SLACK Jared Slack was born in Riverside, California surrounded by art and music. He is a third generation artist. When he was very young, the family moved to Utah. Jared and his Dad loved fishing in the summer, but during the winter, there was too much snow and ice, so they would paint fishing pictures. Jared attended Utah State University, where he was named outstanding painter. He graduated with his BFA in 2000. He received his MFA from Miami University (Ohio) in 2002, following which he taught college art in Indiana and Ohio for 3 years. After teaching college, Jared lived and worked in Macon, Georgia, where he was an active part in the local art community. Jared began teaching Middle school while living in Georgia. Currently Jared resides in Lynchburg, Virginia, with his beautiful wife Lynley. He is involved in art shows on a regional level, and teaches elementary art for Lynchburg City Schools, and for the Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg.

"I love oil paint. I love the textures, colors, and the variety of things that I can do with paint. When I paint something, I try to portray the subject, but as it is a painting I want my process, and the qualities of my medium to show through. I am in love with nature, and the power and beauty it has. Being in nature is a spiritual, sublime experience for me. I strive to express this spirituality in my paintings, both landscape, and abstraction. Color is my main tool to express what I see. The world around us is a colorful place, and I love and embrace it."

RECENT WORK BY DIANE CLEMENT Large, abstract, bold paintings come to the skylight gallery with Clement's inventive processes.

RECENT WORK BY JANE ZANDER As an art and education veteran, Zander's displays her recent work of botanical watercolors. Corner Gallery.

"Intrigued with all aspects of science and art, her current work is about new beginnings. Since retiring as a college professor of art education, Dr. Mary Jane Zander has dusted off her paintbrushes and begun to do what she always really wanted to do: combine her love of art, learning, and the study of the natural world.

Because the best way to learn about something is to draw it, botanical art teaches about the minute details, changes, and life cycle of natural subject matter. However, unlike illustration or photography, the artist interprets the assortment of visual information gained through several day of observation. She notes the changes in color and other characteristics of leaves and flowers as they open and makes preliminary sketches which are then used to develop the paintings.

Each painting takes several weeks to complete since color is not applied in one step, but built up through many transparent layers. Zander begins with a pale wash of a base color, (sometimes called a tea wash) and develops the painting with as many as twenty or thirty layers of paint. The process creates depth, texture, and transparency which capture the essence of the short-lived bloom."


FEBRUARY ALL MEDIA SHOW Each month Art Works offers artists from all over to participate in a juried art show. Amie Oliver will jury the show. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for Entries is on Feb 18th and 19th. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Juror

"In my work I strive to create a quality of resonance and form that skirts with tradition and its illusion of permanence. Primary to this aesthetic is an experimentation with media and the power of symbols, objects and the vocabulary of human form. What interests me is the dialogue that results from using universal forms to make art that embraces conflict, revision, passion, reason, beauty and discovery.

As a hill walker and traveler, journals and agendas are also part of my creative process. Hence, my work catalogs the passing of time and experience, and possesses an inherent motion. I like to think of it as a mobile museum/library, which I could take on my bicycle, or float down a river if I wanted to - a message in - and sometimes without - a bottle." Amie Oliver's Website


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The Omonous and the Beautiful by Destry Sparks 23x28 Mixed Media on Burlap, $1300

Abstract II by Tish Underwood

Apple Orchard Falls by Jared Slack, Oil


Papheopedlium, (Verde Oro x Golden Days) X Paph In Charm x ‘White’ in Charm by Mary Jane Zander, Transparent Watercolor, 23x27 $300


1st Place: Sleepwalker by Chet Naylor 48x48 Oil, Cold Wax on Panel

2nd Place: Ampersnake by Dana Frostick, Conte and Oil on Canvas 21x15 $225

3rd Place: Unrealized by Marc Copeland, 12x12 Photography, $153

Honorable Mention: To the Ends of the Earth by Anne Burnley, Emulsion Transfer 17x21 $1500

Honorable Mention: Luncheon in Nimes by Elisabeth Flynn Champan, 20x26 Photography $295



February '11