THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE by Guy Raymond. Raymond was born in North Adams, Massachusetts on a cold February morning in 1955. My first creative art project was in first grade, when I assembled an owl using colored rice! I was hooked. A few years later,my winning crayon drawing of the dog "old yeller" from the Disney movie landed me an indian headress from the extinct T.V. show Bozo the clown. Art had its perks. Especially as the highschool art editor, I would incorporate my girlfriends name in the editorial picture. Great brownie points there.
   Anyway, Moving to Virginia in 1978 allowed me to attend VCU giving me a great foundation in oil painting. My gifted imagination allows me to create paintings that I hope you the viewer will truly enjoy. Residing in Concord, NC with the family, my paintings are on display at the Green Goat Gallery in Spencer, NC. Centre Gallery


INTERNATIONAL GREAT IMPRESSIONS by Jinseng Song Song graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design, Beijing. He has received a litany of awards and is prolific at painting, which includes portraits, figures, landscapes and abstract. Song has been traveling the United States painting the great monuments of the country and will bring his work to Richmond for this exhibition of brand new work. Jane Sandelin Gallery..




Lonnie Dean Howard is a life-long art enthusiast who grew up in Kentucky then moved to the Virginia mountains in his twenties. Always loving to draw and paint, Lonnie began his serious art endeavors doing sign work and murals in the Covington, Virginia area. In the late 1970s and the early 1980s Lonnie studied under William Thompson of White Sulphur Springs who took art classes as a young man under the great Robert Henri. More recently Lonnie has taught numerous art classes privately, to school groups, and at the local community college.

Lonnie works in oils, acrylics, charcoal, inks and watercolor. His works portray a variety of subjects in many sizes, some quiet large.

Lonnie now resides near Hot Springs, Virginia with his wife Patty and dog Stella. He often visits his daughter Meghan and her family who live in the Richmond area.

WORD PLAY by Gail Butler Centre Gallery. "I approach my work much like I aproach my life: with a pun and a wink. Preferring to 'look on the bright side' my creative process usually begins with a humorous spark. I believe my work invites the viewer to get to know it better, offering more details and new innuendos with each visit. I like my work to stimulate conversation, encouraging those who see my art to connect with eachother, much like friends do when they share a good joke. Whether it is a commissioned painting, a personal creation or a moment captured with my camera, I want my work to produce positive emotions for viewers."

MEDITATIVE LANDSCAPES by Janet Visser Focusing on how we view nature through the instinctive eyes of the painter, in her show Meditiative Landscapes J.P. Visser began to fuse two genres. While markedly rooted in traditional methods, these paintings offer a contemporary flair as a result of her inspired handling of the atmosphere, the refraction of light, and expressive brushwork. Corner Gallery.



Janet Bruhn is the juror for this multi-media show. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for entries is April 16th & 17th at Art Works for this Juried show. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Juror: "Notions of vanilla, Grade A, white bread, run-of-the-mill, threadbare, well-worn, moth-eaten, potato sack, butterscotch, grass stained, humdrum, ho hum, and hick-ups are ideas that come to mind when meditating on the America of my upbringing. I am interested in the complexity of the mundane, and the tastes and dialects of everyday culture; ideological preferences rooted in immigrant history and political persuasion. By using imagery from mundane American life I smoothly transition from a small pickled still life to a backyard pocked with dead grass and lawn chairs.

In my work I aim to depict a sense of distinct American place; this interest rooted in my background and upbringing in the Midwest. I aspire to celebrate forgotten, simple places, and the people and things that occupy them. In what may be overlooked as a boring, land- locked small town I find an ingenious reuse of objects, a thriftiness that solves problems, and regional banter that is as hilarious as the best comedy act. Critiquing proverbial American life feels ungracious to me. By painting what I sincerely know, I feel as though I am a diplomat to the heartland." - Bruhn's Website


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Work by Beijing Artist Jinseng Song

Still Life With Onions by Lonnie Howard. Oil.

Alley Catz by Gail Butler, Acrylic

Beyond the Horizon by Janet Visser 36x48 Acrylic on Canvas

Painting by Juror, Janet Bruhn

1st Place:Farm Junk Jungle by Susan Garnett, Acrylic, 16x60 $500/

Big Red Brick Building by Susan Garnett, Acrylic, 32x40, $500

2nd Place:Golden Nuggett by Matt Cowan, Photography, 28x38 $425

3rd Place:Untitled by Darryl Reese, Charcoal, 24x18 $300

Honorable Mention:Untitled by Bill Carroll, 30x40, Acrylic, Charcaol, $500

Honorable Mention: ...Not in Service at This Time by Bill Harrison, 18x24, Photography, $250



July '10