RED WHITE AND BLUES by Elizabeth Schafer Elizabeth Schafer, a painter of music, was born in Eldorado, Ill. on Friday the thirteenth, setting the stage for her life to come. She grew up in the mid-west in Evansville, Ind. where she learned the foundations of hard work and good ethics. At 18 years of age, she left the mid-west far behind yearning for more of life’s experiences. Both music and art have been a driving force throughout her life, and combining the two passions into a series of artworks has been a natural extension allowing her to express a dynamic style and energy. Relaying the pure love for life, these abstractions are rhythmically constructed and address music and movement with a daring and dramatic flair. Each piece is in the truest sense an improvisation, allowing the art to progress extemporaneously, on its own, — taking shape and coming alive filled with energy.

Red, White and Blues

Red, White and Blues refers to a series of artistic works that are a visualization of blues music. The blues, a predominant part of southern culture and an extraordinary musical expression, is often explored through portraits and representative images drawn from the hard lifestyle. But Liz creates blues compositions on her canvas; painting the unique sound and raw emotions. They are intense, moody works brought to life through texture, color and lines. The blues are intensely personal and individualistic, and on the surface seemingly simple. However, matters of the heart and soul, and thus the music are deceivingly complex.

Liz has been a professional artist over 17 years. She has exhibited most notably in the Smithsonian Museum’s Museum on Main Street program, and at William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Meridian Museum of Art, Gulf Coast Community College, and Meridian Community College. She is a member of the Mississippi Art Colony, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Del Ray Artisans and The ARTs Hancock County. Her works reside in collections at the Meridian Community College and Omni Royal Orleans. She has been published in “Katrina, Reflections of Mississippi Women,” “Walking on Water,” “The Art of the Storm, a documentary film,” Art in America, Art Gulf Coast, Florida Tech Today, Where, and Times Picayune. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Fla. where concurrently, she attended adult art studies at the Brevard Art Center and Museum.

INTERMINABLE WORKS OF ART by Richard Buhrman Award winning Richard Buhrman bring us his photographs based on nautre and everyday objects with a discerning eye. .

*NOTE* This show has been postponed. RECENT WORK BY KEITH TAYLOR will be exhibited in the Centre Gallery.

FACES OF THE FOREST by Gordon Robertson Award winning Mr. Robertson brings us his folk-art carved log sculptures depicting people, animals, and more. Centre Gallery

TIMELESS by Robert Pfeifer Landscape photographs by Peifer will be on display, Centre Gallery

"I received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, when I was 10.  I immediately identified with that little black box. With it I was able to capture the world.  I took it everywhere.  Well, thousands and thousands of clicks later I am still passionate about capturing the world.  Everyday and in everything I find a picture waiting to be taken. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Graphic Arts and Photography.  There I learned the "how" of photography.  During my time at RIT I took many courses in Art History.  I loved the old masters, the 19th century landscapes, the impressionists.  I studied them.  I began to see.  Since then,  I have been the assistant to art photographers, portrait photographers, and commercial photographers.  They all taught me how to see. How to compose in that rectangular viewfinder.  They also showed me how to see light. Whether it be a tree or a face or a wrist watch, I learned about how light impacts a subject.  It can be sharp and distinct, cutting and outlining, or it can be soft and gently wrap around.  Recently I have been able to spend more time looking for those images.  I have graduated to digital.  I have become quite good with Adobe Photoshop®.  With digital I am able to create images that resemble what my mind remembers.  It has opened the door of photography to what painters able able to do.  In this show "Timeless", I have collected some work that to me captures time and place.  Each is a timeless moment, a portrait of a place in a season of time.."

ROLLER DERBY ART by The River City Roller Girls Corner Gallery.


Christaphora Robeers is the juror for this multi-media show. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. Call for entries is April 16th & 17th at Art Works for this Juried show. See our Call For Entries page to learn more.

About the Juror: Christaphora Robeers "I came to the United States as an immigrant from the Netherlands in 1956. Europe was still recovering from World War II. Many families immigrated to the United States or Canada to get away from the bombed-out ruins, the lack of jobs, meager food supplies and of course the horrible memories of war. My family was fortunate to come to rural town in Virginia were life was filled with abundance. Everything was so new and exciting. Life was simple but very good.

I was ten years old and my art career was already four years old. Since art supplies were expensive and a car was a priority in America, I invented my own art materials. I used the pine needles that fell near the pond to do "earth drawings"Š. I used old newspapers and pieces of charcoal from the wood-burning stove to do “charcoal drawings.” There was never any question as to my dedication to becoming a painter. After all, I came from a country that is known as “the land of painters.”

My painting dialogue has always concentrated on color. Color is light and light represents and supports life. The subject matter in my paintings seems simple and humble at first glance. But are they really??? They are a spiritual memory of the past and of the future. Once it was a great treasured gift to take a whole apple to school for my lunch. My mother had told me countless stories of how she ate tulip bulbs to keep her alive during the war. Pieces of glass and pottery appear in my paintings.

Once I used to go with my father to the bombed-out ruins to find chards of old tiles, porcelain, pottery or glassware. I realized very early on that one¹s heritage and roots are deeply embedded in everyday functions. It is an intense journey to encounter the simple and to make it complex. I explore what I see and experience within myself. I embrace the visual process and walk on the edge of a different reality with courage and conviction that I will return from my journey a richer human being and perhaps a painter with something to say. "


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Blues Done Gone, Juke Joint Series by Liz Schafer 30x27 Mixed Media on Canvas.

Photography by Robert Pfeifer

Painting by June Juror: Christaphora Robeers

1st Place: No Regret and Awaiting Resurrection by Marc Copeland

22nd Place: Laguna Sunrise and The Red Rose by Steven Lloyd

3rd Place: Layers, Cycles and Colombia by Kathleen Calhoun

Honorable Mention:Road Trip and Long Way Home by Marti Fann



June '10