My Paintings are formal abstractions based on items and images of my childhood during the 1980's and early 90's. Specific source material is chosen to celebrate that time period and act as a means of escapism. Using palettes taken from accumulated memories or items of my youth, I assign each work an initial color. These initial color choices are based on memories of my youth, and are used as catalysts for a series of formal decisions. As each piece progresses, the painting moves further from the initial source and ultimately becomes about the formal explorations I pursue. Each associated memory informs the next portion of the painting process. The end result is a work rooted in the personal but visually finalized in formal abstraction.

Age: 29, Born in Richmond, VA, BFA from VCU in 2002, MFA from UNC G in 2005, VP and Chair of Exhibitions at artspace Gallery in Richmond, VA.



Louis brings us his vibrant paintings from Peru this month. His work features stories and myths deeply engrained in his native culture.









Susan Hicks found her calling in art at a very early age, illustrating a good deal of her family's storybooks (abstracts in crayon). Early memories of her room include pictures hanging by Degas and Klee. 
After much scribbling, education, and one Best in Show she chose Art as a major at James Madison University's School of Art with a concentration in Textile Design. After graduation she decided to branch out and move to Germany, showing in the cafe scene. Later in the USA she worked graphic and web design jobs and displayed at the Shockoe Bottom Arts Center.
Susan now lives in Alexandria, Virginia and shows at Art Works in Richmond, Virginia while being a part of the Art League of Alexandria. Her media of choice are textiles, oil on canvas and digital art.


Although his works are built upon such dynamic compositions of which any formalist abstract painter would be jealous, he is primarily a narrative painter, who has more in common with writers and story tellers than with most of today’s visual artists. This being the case, we can regard the figures in his paintings as characters in the midst of a story for which we, the viewer, are provided neither the beginning nor the end. These characters, be they mysterious femme fatales or delicate femme fragiles, are dominated and driven by the competing impulses of desire and fear.  The environments in which they are depicted (winding old staircases, long dark hallways, and the like) are as much characters in these dramas as the people.


"As an artist, silversmith and designer, I create spiritual jewelry from precious metals and gemstones. I have long been a student of both traditional and alternative styles, studying silversmithing, pearl grading and gemology, as well as crystal healing, yoga and chakra alignment. With each piece, I strive to combine the tried-and-true methods of artisanship with the spiritual teachings that fill symbols with power. Each piece is individually sculpted from fine silver or sterling and is set with genuine gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, garnets or amethysts. Because I handcraft each piece, no two are exactly alike and each is cleansed and blessed after it is completed. It is the meaning behind the stones and symbols that draws me to create and with each piece, my goal is to craft a work of art that helps the wearer to focus his or her intentions and thoughts on spirituality. I spent several years in my youth as a fine jewelry buyer in department stores but it was only after my husband was diagnosed with cancer several years ago that I began creating my own pieces as I turned to the spiritual world for emotional healing. As I combined my love of jewelry with my search for peace, I incorporated designs from eastern and western religious traditions to help to connect people to their feelings and their beliefs. In doing so, I discovered that the simple act of working with these pieces is enough to engender my own sense of peace and well-being. I truly hope that wearing these pieces will do the same for you."



Mike Guyer is the juror for this multi-media show. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. For more information about submitting entries to this monthly art show see 'call for entries' on the page menu.




All images are the property of the artists and may not be duplicated without permission. Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.

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Hoja Para Primavera by Joan Louis Oil on Canvas 80cmx80cm

Faith by Chris Semtner

1st Place: Untitled by Nicole Randall, mixed media, $500

2nd Place: Second Chance by Andrew Elderman, Oil, $900

3rd Place: Zeros by Michael Gettings, Oil, $500

Honorable Mention: Faith by Mark Shively, Mixed Media, $800

Honorable Mention : The Dryad by Terry Lynn Smith, Oil, $1200



Oct-Nov '09