ART WORKS March 2009 Art Shows & Events

The monthly 4th Friday Art Show opens March 27th, 2009 with a reception by the artists, refreshments, and l ive music by Pam McCarthy and the Brown-Hayes Project

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ALL MEDIA SHOW -Rob Womack is the juror for this multi-media show. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. For more information about submitting entries to this monthly art show click here.

1st Place All Media Show

Untitled by Sheilah Beville. Acrylic on board, $400

2nd Place All Media Show

Before the Storm by Thomas Ehrenberger. Oil, $125

2nd Place All Media Show

Morning in Buckingham by Thomas Ehrenberger. Oil, $125


3rd Place All Media Show

Double Happy by Michael Quigly Cox. Oil, $333

Honorable Mention All Media Show

Stone Wall by Cynthia Losen. Mixed Media, $1,200


Honorable Mention All Media Show

For Daniel by David Rosenberg. Acrylic, $2,500

Honorable Mention All Media Show

Dark Light by Nick Pollock. Oil, $250


Jane Sandelin Gallery


By Christaphora Robeers

Christaphora Robeers . "I came to the United States as an immigrant from the Netherlands in 1956. Europe was still recovering from World War II. Many families immigrated to the United States or Canada to get away from the bombed-out ruins, the lack of jobs, meager food supplies and of course the horrible memories of war. My family was fortunate to come to rural town in Virginia were life was filled with abundance. Everything was so new and exciting. Life was simple but very good.

I was ten years old and my art career was already four years old. Since art supplies were expensive and a car was a priority in America, I invented my own art materials. I used the pine needles that fell near the pond to do "earth drawings"Š. I used old newspapers and pieces of charcoal from the wood-burning stove to do “charcoal drawings.” There was never any question as to my dedication to becoming a painter. After all, I came from a country that is known as “the land of painters.”

My painting dialogue has always concentrated on color. Color is light and light represents and supports life. The subject matter in my paintings seems simple and humble at first glance. But are they really??? They are a spiritual memory of the past and of the future. Once it was a great treasured gift to take a whole apple to school for my lunch. My mother had told me countless stories of how she ate tulip bulbs to keep her alive during the war. Pieces of glass and pottery appear in my paintings.

Once I used to go with my father to the bombed-out ruins to find chards of old tiles, porcelain, pottery or glassware. I realized very early on that one¹s heritage and roots are deeply embedded in everyday functions. It is an intense journey to encounter the simple and to make it complex. I explore what I see and experience within myself. I embrace the visual process and walk on the edge of a different reality with courage and conviction that I will return from my journey a richer human being and perhaps a painter with something to say. "


Centre Gallery East:

BENEATH THE SURFACE by James Timberlake

Plume 40x40 Wax and Oil on Panel



Centre Gallery West:

NUDES ON FILM by Brian Grossman

Helen at the Wall 12x18 Photo on Canvas



Skylight Gallery:

IN RESPONSE TO NATURE: Original Oil Pastel Paintings by Regina Roseman Tune

R. Roseman Tune works primarily in pastel, Her recent work has been inspired by images from nature and includes both landscapes and florals. The show includes a series of paintings of spring flowers at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, the perfect antidote to winter!


Corner Gallery:

Happiness Is...

by Julie Coughlin

Known for her glasswork and mixed media pieces, Resident artist Julie Coughlin shows her earthy new work this month in the Corner Gallery.

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