ART WORKS August 2007 Art Shows & Events

The monthly 4th Friday Art Show opened August 24, 2007 with a reception by the artists, music by The Offering. Click on the show titles to learn more about each exhibit.


Go Figure ALL MEDIA SHOW - Christaphora Robeers is the juror for this figarative art show. Cash prizes are awarded for first, second and third place. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium. For more information about submitting entries to this monthly art show <click here>.

First Place All Media Show

Daddy's Girl by Cynthia Losen

Mixed Media, $1,500

2nd Place All Media Show


In the Gallery I, and In the Gallery II by Glenda Kotchish

Oil on Canvas, $200/each


3rd Place All Media Show

Woman #2 by Dawn Kelly

Silver, Copper and Brass, $50

Honorable Mention All Media Show

The Rebirth of Venus by Kristin Joseph

Mixed Media, $1500


Honorable Mention All Media Show

Hope, Lolly and John by Lindsay Brown

Photography/Giclee, $200/each




Each year, the gallery members and resident artists of Art Works puts together an exhibit that features a signature piece of work from each member. Come see what the artists' best and vote for your favorite 3 pieces. The People's Choice Award is presented based on your picks.


Descent by Chris Semtner

Acrylic, $800

People's Choice 1st Place


Praire Trucks by Liz Jones

Oil, $490

People's Choice 2nd Place


Undying Spirit by Will Turner

Oil, $1,000

People's Choice 3rd Place


Andy's and Alex's Secret Place by Janet Visser Pastel, $500

A Walk in the Sun by Richard Buhrman

Mixed Media, $750


SELF No. 1 by Richard Buhrman

Digital Pigment, $550


Boundaries and Layers in Orange, Red, and Black by Nathan Hugh Perkins

Acrylic and Latex, $250

More Than Just Friends by Liz Jones

Oil, $490

Prarie Trucks by Liz Jones

Oil, $490

Kaitlin's Castle by Terry Lynn Smith

Oil, $1,500


The Messengers by Terry Lynn Smith

Oil, $2,500

The Power of the Sea by Marta Downs

Oil, $450


Zippo by Ben Yolton

Acrylic on Panel, $250


Two Pears by Tim Scaven

Painting, $275


Afternoon Retreat by Susan Barry

Glass and Stone Mosaic, $200


The End by Rob Mir

Acrylic on Canvas, $175

Blue Eyes by Lorraine Hoff

Mosaic, $325

Pears in Sunlight by Virginia Godfrey

Oil, $150

Sharon Fruit by Ronnie Moseberth

Acrylic on Canvas, $895

River Suite #2 by Dan Belanger

Oil, $800

Ocracoke Creek by Clarence Wiley

Digital Art Print, $119

Mosaic, Shelia Stephens-Robinson


Full Circle by Marti Fann

Mixed Media, $175

2005.01/02 by Michael Jaffarian

Collage, $104




Sound Side Snow by Clarence Wiley

Digital Art Print, $84


A Roof Overhead by Matt Bass

Oil on Board, $500

Lost in Living by Raymond Abell

Mixed Media, $150

Ye Liveliest Awfulness by Ben Yolton

Epoxy Clay, $1,000

New Surface by Sylvio Lynch

Mixed Media, $300

Descent by Chris Semtner

Acrylic, $800

Closer by Inge Strack

Acrylic, $750

Speyer Romanesque by Elizabeth Flynn-Chapman

Photograph, $200

Enveloped by the Spirit by Will Turner

Oil, $175




Undying Spirit by Will Turner

Oil, $1,000

Tuscan Hills by Virginia Godfrey

Oil, $600

Night Moves by Tom Graves

Color Photograph, $150

Relaxin' Havana Style by Sheila Thomas

Acrylic, $850

Estado Inundido by Rosana Lopez-Haugh

Mixed Media, $200

Tetrahegan by Mike Keeling

Mixed Media, $400


Slow Train by Roger McClung

Oil, $475


Bayside 12 by Roger McClung

Oil, $475

Fused and Slumped Glass Dish by Gail Perry

Fused and Slumped Glass, $95

Untitled by Lorraine Hoff

Acrylic, $150

The Artist Swims in the Subconscious the Madman Drowns by Scott Haugh

Oil, $400



Time's Dance by Carlie Collier

Cyanotype, $295




" The selective eye of the photographer is often on the lookout for images which are not only unique and beautiful, but also spirited - endowed with what could be called “the life force”. You may find that zestful spirit expressed in many of the photos in this exhibit. To a large extent, the focus of this collection is on human beings, sometimes playfully engaged, usually un-posed. A typical feature of the group photos is active connection and interaction between the individuals portrayed, particularly in some of the photos of children. Quite often, this dynamic quality is also evident in views of sea and sky, street scenes and landscapes. Beyond that, the photographer is always striving for that sense of compositional balance which enhances all art.

Wyn* is the pseudonym for Irwin Shishko, a quixotic old fellow who has dabbled enthusiastically in many fields. An economist in an early incarnation, Wyn was later chairman of a small group encouraging medical research, a student at the Parson’s School of Design, an amateur architect who conceived and built a half dozen unique homes, the writer of countless political letters, the author of many poems, two historical plays, and ..oh yes.. an avid photographer. "

Irwin Shishko


Dorothy Ellis taught art for many years and now she focuses on her own art. She travels the States and abroad and comes home to Richmond with new ideas that she transfers to canvas. Dorothy not only paints but also creates etchings and monoprints. She maintains a studio at Art Works where she exhibits a variety of paintings and prints.




Sprit of Chelsea by Cynthia Losen

This exhibit is of an African-American community formerly known as “Chelsea Hill,” a name now obscured by names like “Whitcomb Court,” “Mosby Court,” “Creighton Court,” and “Eastview.” Subjects are members of Pilgrim Baptist Church who currently or formerly lived in these areas.


INTERSTICES by Kay Franz and Geraldine Keifer

This exhibit is the Skylight Gallery and is a wonderful blending of two artists' work. .



All images are the property of the Artists and may not be duplicated without permission.

Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.

Art Works, Inc. cannot authorize use of any images but may be able to provide your name and contact information to the artists.

Contact: Glenda Kotchish or Paula Demmert 804.291.1400

320 Hull Street Richmond, VA 23224 Web Information: Email:

Open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 6 p.m. and by appointment.

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