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The monthly 4th Friday Art Show opened April 27, 2007 with a reception by the artists, music by Special Ed and the Short Bus, in the Jane Sandelin Gallery and dance by To the Earth - Tribal Fusion Dance.

Click on the show titles to see some of the artwork in the shows.


Special Ed and the Short Bus







The ALL MEDIA SHOW This juried art show features many artists from Richmond and Virginia. Submissions are accepted from any artist and any medium.


Big Happy Family by Cynthia Losen - 1st Place

Untitled by Daniel Rettinger - 2nd Place


Petersburg Back Alley #4 by Christopher Wynn 3rd Place

Sturgeon by Brian Grossman - Honorable Mention



FROM THE VANISHING POINT (Two Lines go their separate ways) by Karin Kain


Peach Faced Love Birds by Karen Kain

Karen Kain spends half the year in Australia and the other half in Richmond, Virginia. "Kain paints with brushes in both hands at once, calligraphing in two deceptively simple lines, the human figure at its most vulnerable and most abstract, aiding and abetting those most ancient of materials-- Asian brushes and ink-- in conjunction with those most modern-- the computer and digital printer. In this new print series, we meet at the vanishing point; where, if we look in every direction, we see that all lines must depart each other. We find ourselves inside the work looking out at the self, back at the maker, towards post-vanishment,or sideways at the edges, to the question of love and coupling and our ultimate aloneness."
BLOCK HEAD by Richard Becker


Richard Becker is a Richmond artist. His award winning paintings have been displayed in many local galleries. This is his first solo show at Art Works.

Elaine Banston is a portrait artist. She works in pastels and oils.


Senior Class 2007 by Mary Alice Weiss
Mary Alice Weiss teaches art in Richmond, Virginia. Each year she paints the portraits of all the senior art students. This is the third year she has exhibited these works at Art Works.
Lost by Chris Semtner

Double Danielle by Chris Semtner



Little by Chris Semtne


Invasion by Chris Semtner

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