ART WORKS, Inc. August 2006 Art Shows & Events

August art shows proved to be as hot at the month itself in Richmond, Virginia. The opening reception featured 5 new shows, music by Special Ed and the Short Bus and performance dance by To The Earth.

Special Ed and the Short Bus

Click on the show titles to see some pictures.

Drop It (What we did this Summer)

Early one August morning, before the heat of the day, Richmond artists gathered in the parking lot at Art Works and climbed the tower. At the base of the tower, the artists had placed canvases, boards and ordinary objects. In true Jackson Pollock style, they dropped and splattered paint onto the canvases. A model, covered in plastic positioned on a canvas below, was also splattered from above to capture her silhouette on canvas. The results were on display in the Centre Gallery.

All Media Nautical Art Show

This show was juried by Jeffrey Allison from the VMFA. The water theme was a relief from the summer heat.

Members' Show

Resident Artists and Gallery Members exhibited their annual show. Those attending the opening casts their votes for first, second and third place favorites in the People's Choice Awards.

To the Earth - Tribal Fusion Dance

The dance troupe presented an interactive exhibit in the Skylight Gallery featuring dance, lessons and crafts.

33% - A birthday Celebration

Rosana Lopez Huagh celebrated her thirty-third birthday by exhibiting her latest paintings and sculptures and offering a 33% discount.

Drop It (What we did this summer)



About to Climb the Tower

Lorraine Hoff drops it!

Ginny Godfrey drops paint as others watch.


Roger McClung selecting paint


Steve and Holly, the models in plastic and paints

Ginny Godfrey imagining a sculpture

Mandy Musclerat and Roger McClung, assembling a sculpture

Finished Product adorns Art Works' building

Dream Catcher & Used to be 12th Street Spirit

Judy Fechino Sister Planets

Capital Punishment? Or Danger Don't sit here!

Dorothy Ellis - First and Last

Roger McClung - Fourth Street Spinout

Purpl - Stephen's Journey

Hands Down - Fun


All Media Nautical Art Show juried by Jeffrey Allison from the VMFA.



The Lovers by LaVigne Long

Watercolor Collage $430

1st Place

Eel Migration by Lynda Richardson


2nd Place


Whales Tale, Fiji by Christopher Wynn

Watercolor $450

3rd Place


Swim or Wade by Liz Jones

Watercolor $225

Honorable Mention

2006 Members Show

Big Roost by Matt Cross

Acrylic $500

Urban Renewal by Mary Martin

Mixed $150

A Tuscan Farm by Virginia Godfrey Oil $400

Milkweed Seed by Alli Baird

Photography $110

Resting Place by Richard Buhraman

Digital Art Paper $250

Monday Morning by Hugh T. Harris

Watercolor $800

Summer Dawn by Sabrina Cordovana

Acrylic $150

American Sports Car by Liz Jones

Oil $250

Hay Fields by Lou Robbins

Oil $435

City Night by Justin Farley

Oil $700

Peoples' Choice Award 1st Place

Dot by Elizabeth Coffey

Graphite, Oil on Paper $600

Peoples' Choice Award 2nd Place

Essence by Inge Strack

Acrylic $700

Peoples' Choice Award 3rd Place

Mother McKneer by Vinnie Gonzalez

Pen and Ink $800

The Straw Hat by Terry Lynn Smith

Oil $800

Lady of the Harvest by Mandy Musclerat

Bean Mosaic Mannequin $444

Prepping for Play by Adele Castillo

Acrylic $500

Mother Earth by Reginald Conyard Jr

Film Photography $125

Along the Way by Judy Fechino

Oil $495

Goldfinch on Thistle by Lynda Richardson Photography $295

Autumn Get Away by Marti Fann

Acrylic $600

Fantasy by David Everette

Photography $425

"Bob" the Sun God by Kathryn Hedgepeth

Ceramic $250

Otis by Kurt Zivelonghi

Giclee Pastel $399

Pink Plumeria, Grenada, West Indies

by Kristin by Phillips Martin

Photography $100

Los Angeles 04 by James and Shannon Dowling Acrylic $1,500

Jain Temple Bellringer Jaiselmeer, India

by Christopher Wynn

Watercolor $500

Candle Holder with Tray by Cynthia Crane

Stoneware Pottery $95

Tickled Pink by Lori Jakubow

Oil, Encaustic $495

Melting Glacier by Dorothy Ellis

Acrylic $200

Mycenae by Roger McClung

Oil $625

Lance by Irwin Shishko

Photograph $75

Now and at the Hour of Our Death

by Lisarenee

Oil $250

Coffee Break by Margaret Bucher

Watercolor $400

Red Wing by Ronnie Moseberth

Acrylic, Oil $1,200

Solar Flare Table by Jackie Digney

Mosaic Tile $175

Dust Bath by Kathy Benham

Film Photography $120

One Fine Day by Emma Lou Martin

Watercolor $400

Cold Cash by John Balasa

Oil on Canvas $500

Gaucin, Spain by David Lisowski

Digital Composite $165


Bluesy Bowl by Lorraine J. Hoff

Metallic Glass Mosaic $250

Good Intentions by Will Turner

Oil $900

A Kabbalistic Encounter: Light, Creation, 10 Sepherot and Commandments Reflected from an Un-ending Torah

by Dr. Sid Slavin

Mixed $10,000

Looking Around by LaVigne Long

Collage, Acrylic $995

The Face of War by Sylvio Lynch

Mixed $300

Danielle by Chris Semtner

Acrylic $650

Italian Garden by Tom Graves

Photography $120

Balanese Offering by Suzanne Poulton

Photography $300

What I Know- Un Recuerdo

by Rosana Lopez Haugh

Oil, Oil Pastel $115

Oaxaca, Mexico #15 7/16/04

by K. B. Basseches

Giclee print $160

Image not available

Snowy Ducks by Kirstin Juul

Photography $50

Paranoia Pete by Richard J. Becker

Acrylic $600

Ode to Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

by Carlie Collier

Xerography $1,000

Coral Springtime Necklace by Patti Screen

Pearls, Amethyst, Coral, Moonstone $250

Here Comes the Sun by Linda Cox

Mosaic, Mixed $245

Untitled by Rob Mir

Oil $350

Beach Girl by Randy Wills

Acrylic $325

Leviathan by Steven Wayne

Analog Composite $95



Teaching One Day by Glenda Kotchish

Clay $300

Check Mate by Shiela Steven-Robinson

Mixed Media

Untitled by Linda Burnette


Membership to Art Works' Gallery is open to anyone. It is not a prerequisite for submitting work to the All Media Shows, as all are welcome.

33% - A birthday Celebration

Rosana Lopez Huagh celebrated her thirty-third birthday by exhibiting her latest paintings and sculptures and offering a 33% discount.


All images are the property of the Artists and may not be duplicated without permission.

Contact Art Works, Inc. 804 291.1400 in Richmond, Virginia U.S.A. for more information or if you wish to seek permission for use of images.

Art Works, Inc. cannot authorize use of any images but may be able to provide your name and contact information to the artists.

Contact: Glenda Kotchish or Paula Demmert 804.291.1400

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Open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 6 p.m. and by appointment.

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