Jennifer Walker - Licensed Massage Therapist


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"Human touch has proven to have many healing qualities including those related to physical, mental and emotional discomfort. Massage helps an individual to reconnect the body with the heart, mind and soul. My intention is to always be aware of what people say they want and need. By working together, with sincerity and integrity, all parties can achieve the desired results.

Massage is physical, physiological, mental, energetic, and helps everyone seeking balanced health (mind body & spirit). It’s a service that has instant and long term results. I see through the tears, laughter and smiles from clients desperate for intervention that this is a passionate profession. Only therapists that are passionate seem to last. This is where it is.

Understanding clients' needs and offering up the little extra thoughtful details sets me apart. Integrative massage techniques that incorporate deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and Swedish massage. I provide great customer service, before, during and after session & provide outstanding treatment. “Extras” a warm cozy table, Himalayan pink salt water sole.

My massages are intended to release tension, loosen muscles, free fascial restrictions and I have trained to help people specifically with limited range of motion, muscle tension, difficulty laying face-down or face-up during treatment sessions and to settle excessive mental activity. Clients can expect to experience muscle lengthening, increased range of motion, improved posture, and grounding. Grounding creates a more conducive environment for healing to occur."



You can contact the artist at Art Works, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia from noon - 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays (804) 291.1400.

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